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When you're trying to establish a solid foundation within the online marketplace, it takes more than a simple website and good ideas. Zentra is the go-to organization when you need a full suite of e-commerce solutions.

We currently work with more than 4000 different vendors who need a third-party organization to boost their sales presence on the internet. We build relationships with all kinds of vendors who want to increase their bottom line.

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Zentra got started in a dorm room at UNC Chapel Hill and eventually grew to fill a 10,000 square-foot warehouse in Indian Trail, NC. Our brick-and-mortar store, Libby and Leaf, is in Matthews, NC and features a variety of local crafts, toys and home products.

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You'll build trust with our team and find that our approach sets us apart from everyone else in the market. Improve your company's sales potential by contacting Zentra today.